LNOB Network defined the SDG priorities


An Advocacy Workshop organized by the VSO together with all LNOB Network members. LNOB Network members identified priorities for the SDG goals and targets to develop advocacy agenda for LN. The daylong event organized on 26th Jan 2020 and inaugurated by the VSO country Director had discussions on SDG indicators for the consortium to work jointly at the community level and targeting to the most marginalized groups. The Workshop has discussed on the topics including- Bringing Voices of Marginalized; Ensuring Intersectionality; Inform Duty Bearers; Generate Evidence at national level to inform- WHERE YOU ARE; Evidence based Advocacy; Communication in Mass level (to general people); Two-way Accountability (Circular Accountability); Policy level local, provincial, national, and global level; Civic engagement and Civic voices.

Based on the above-mentioned discussion points, the group selected relevant SDGs and the scope of each SDG that the consortium will focus on in the future. In order to execute the identified actions, the consortium members prepared a plan of action for the remaining periods of the project. The consortium also defined primary actors, developed the partnership approach, and suggested interface dialogue plans in different location of the country and foreseen the expected end results as well. This is how the first meeting of the consortium has concluded.